The brand that stands for freedom

J'ai Moi

J’ai Moi creates beautiful hand-crafted, locally and ethically sourced jewellery, glassware, cards and t-shirts, as a gift just for you.


J’ai Moi means “I have me” I own my journey and my destiny.


Whether you’re buying for yourself or a loved one, you will be delighted with J’ai Moi.



J’ai Moi is a range of products that came about from the story of a survivor of domestic abuse. Jan was a lovely woman who was beaten and abused, she lost her child and was forced into prostitution by the man of her dreams. Her self-esteem in tatters she finally tried to rebuild her life before sadly lacked the skills, networks or support to do so.  (read Jan’s story).


Judy Morgan (read Judy’s story) is the founder of the Jan Foundation (read more), an organisation dedicated to supporting victims of abuse. She started J’ai Moi as a trading arm and uses the profits from the sale of J’ai Moi to support further work with victims of abuse.


The Jan Foundation logo, (a circle of J’s) is the design basis for our product range (see logo).


It is a visual representation of the power of self-love: I have me!


J’ai Moi is so much more than a product, it is a statement of a victim’s power to reclaim his or her soul and identity.